Convert files to PDF in place (On Windows XP)

There are many programs that allow you convert files to PDF by printing to a PDF printer driver. Sometimes you might want to convert a file quickly without opening the file in question and then save the output PDF file to the same folder where the source file resides. I have been looking for this functionality for a while and I have finaly found a solution.

  1. Download PDF Creator from I used PDFCreator-0_9_8_setup.exe.
  2. Install using the Standard Installation
  3. Choose Compact Installation from the Select Components screen but check the COM Samples box before clicking Next.Screenshot
  4. Finish the setup
  5. Create a shortcut to the file Convert2PDF.vbs located in C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\COM\Windows Scripting Host\VBScripts
  6. Name this shortcut “Create PDF”
  7. Put the shortcut in your send-to folder, located in C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\SendTo, where <Username> is you XP username. Note that this folder is Hidden and that you may have to unhide it.
  8. You can now create a PDF from any printable file by right-clicking on the icon of that file and choosing “Create PDF” from the send-to menu. This PDF will retain the original filename and will be saved in the original files’ directory.

This is not a very robust solution but it should work under most circumstances.