Setting up an OSX Time Machine backup server on Ubuntu 10.04

I have used the Sidi Kahawa tutorial for Ubuntu 9.10 to successfully implement the same results on Ubuntu 10.04. Just ensure that if you are upgrading from a previous installation or using an existing drive that you delete all the hidden .AppleDB folders. I used “find / -name ‘*.AppleDB*’” to verify. For any error refer to the Kremalicious blog where a lot of debugging information is posted.

Tips for renewing you passport

If you need to obtain or renew a passport I can give you the following tips:

  • Take your ID document and old passport
  • Bring your own Black pen
  • Bring 2 passport photos
  • Bring cash (R190 for a normal passport and R380 for a Maxi passport)
  • Get a Maxi passport – it has double the pages of a normal passport and might save you a renewal in the future
  • The service at the Department of Home Affairs is improving but I still suggest that you get there early
  • You are now required to complete an additional step called “Passport – Live Capture” where your fingerprints, signature and photo is digitally captured so the process takes a bit longer
  • To track the progress of your application SMS the letter “P” followed by your ID number to 32551 or contact 0800 601190

Now for a six week wait…


My passport was ready for collection on the 26th of April. That means that the whole process took just over 2 weeks. Consider me impressed. The new passport feels very solid and the information page is made of plastic (like a credit card).

Cost of getting a South African Firearm Licence

Training for competency certificate and one weapon type: R915.00

[Additional weapon training: R270.00]

Signing of SAPS mandated doctors letter: R300.00

Getting the documentation professionally drawn up: R1000.00

SAPS Competency certificate submission : R70.00

SAPS Weapon Specific License submission: R140.00

Eight Passport Photos: R 30.00

Total for one license: R2455.00

Additional cost for second license: R410.00

What makes a good man a great man?

What is the difference between a nameless cubicle dweller in an office block and any of the great men of the past and present?

Ownership and action.

I believe that these two qualities are a sure path to greatness. Taking ownership includes small things, like your health and immediate environment, and large things, like your life goals and the world around you. The second aspect requires acting on the responsibility implicit in ownership.

The great men of the past and the present have taken these steps in order to change our world. The level of greatness is only dependent on what you take ownership of.

Sadly our society does not promote these two values. We are constantly bombarded by messages of inaction and dispossession. We lead sedentary lives while being passive consumers in all aspects of our lives. We outsource our security, our freedom, our charity. No more is it required to actually help the poor only to “give generously” to a charity. Someone else will take care, take ownership.

We are also spurned to inaction. No user serviceable parts inside, only qualified technicians, phone the authorities. To a degree I understand that we live in a increasingly specialized society but that is no reason not to take part.

Take something as simple as losing weight.  We have dietitians, personal trainers and the Department of health who are all there to protect us from the simple fact that we need to eat less, eat healthy and get exercise. We need warnings on our food, alcohol and cigarettes to tell us (the passive consumer) that they may be hazardous to our health. We assume that if something is worth knowing the media will tell us. If something is dangerous the government will protect us. If something needs to happen somebody else will do it.

We need to take back our autonomy and self sufficiency. Be a player in your life not just an observer. Take action, take ownership – it’s the surest path to greatness.