Removing the Supervisor Password on an Lenovo X131e Laptop

According to the Lenovo Hardware Maintenance Manual a X131e with an unknown Supervisor password, the following applies:

“Attention: If the supervisor password has been forgotten and cannot be made available to the service technician, there is no service procedure to reset the password. The system board must be replaced for a scheduled fee.”

This however is not the case.

Firstly I used this tutorial to get access to the innards of the laptop. [YouTube]

The Supervisor Password locks down the BIOS and prevented me from being able to boot from a USB disk so I had to find a workaround.

Luckily I was able to find a helpful guide on David Zou’s site.

The links detail the process of identifying the BIOS EEPROM storage chip and then shorting out the communication lines at the right time to allow you to change the password without knowing the old one. I love this hack since it is so ingenious and according to the official documentation no solution exists.

So while I cannot claim to have disovered this workaround I can confirm that it works beautifully and I just wanted to thank David for sharing the details.