Using a Ublox Chipset USB GPS Receiver on Mac

I recently bought a small USB GPS receiver from eBay. The listing does not give an indication that it can work on OSX but after a bit of detective work I was able to get it working on OSX 10.13.
  1. In terminal run the following command ls /dev/tty.usb* , this will list all the USB serial devices on your system. In my case there was nothing listed after I plugged in the GPS so I knew there was a problem with the driver.
  2. I was able to figure out that my particular unit uses a Prolific chipset
  3. Download the driver from here: [Driver Page] [Direct Link]
  4. Run the installer and remember to allow the driver to be loaded in System Preference–> Security & Privacy
  5. Run the ls /dev/tty.usb* command again. You should now have a new entry along the lines of /dev/tty.usbserial
  6. You can now view the output of the unit with the following command screen /dev/tty.usbserial 9600 
  7. Success!

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