You have arrived at your destination

Nissan said: “Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride.” This leaves precious little proverb to describe what to do when you reach a destination in your life. Earlier this week I started my mini-retirement. This has been my singular goal since I made the unfortunate mistake of entering the workforce as an employee. A few months after I started I had locked in my course: to get out. Since that decision every choice I have made has been towards this goal, this destination. 

Now that I am here, with no more alarms and appointments, the days seem very “empty”. The past few years have been easy in that sense. After the initial resolve to make the decision it was easy to just continue on auto-pilot. Mindless-ness. Now I am at another junction in my life that requires conscious thought and mindfulness. Work, or employment makes it so easy to just check your brain at the door and do what is required of you. Planning, taking charge, these are rarely used skills that take energy and time. 

Now I am preparing for the next journey, this one will have a less clear destination. How to live long and prosper – and start dreaming again.