How to replace a Citroen C2 brake light bulb

To match my previous post on headlight replacement I present this post on brake light replacement. Thankfully these are much easier to reach than the headlights.

  1. Open the boot and locate the nut holding the brake light assembly in place. Loosen the nut and store it somewhere it won’t get lost. Make sure the car and lights are turned off.
  2. Disconnect the brake light assembly power cable. Just wiggle the black connector until it’s free.
  3. Remove the bulb assembly by gently pinching the two pairs of black tabs toward each other. Remove the reflector housing after the tabs are released.
  4. Flip the cover assembly over and replace the dead bulb. Be careful when replacing the assembly in the housing and ensure that the waterproofing gasket is seated properly.
  5. Replace the black bulb assembly and the reflector housing, ensuring that all four clips engaged.
  6. Reconnect the power cable
  7. Replace the assembly into its place and tighten the nut in the boot.