How to import a new parts database to Bentley Substation V8i

Use the following instructions to import/load/add an additional parts database (*.mdb) to Bentley Substation V8i.

  1. Put your *.mdb parts  database file in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Substation V8i\Substation Data\Databases. This path may be different in a non-Windows 7 environment.
  2. Click “Setup…” in the “Welcome To” window.
  3. Go to the “System Paths” tab.
  4. Click the “New” button.
  5. Give your database a name under “Parts Database Name:“.
  6. Click on “Browse…” and navigate to your database in the directory from step 1.
  7. Select the applicable table from the “Table” dropdown menu.
  8. Click “Next” and then click “Default Mapping“.
  9. Click “Finish“.
  10. Select your new parts database from the “Parts Database Path” dropdown and click “Apply“.
  11. Click “OK“.

Install Bentley Substation V8i with a database on your local machine

This is how I got Bentley Substation up and running on my computer under Windows 7 with SQL 2005. The default SQL setup script in Bentley substation does not execute correctly resulting in no database being available to run the software. Here is a workaround.

1. Install the following:

2. Locate the file “SqlServerProject.sql“. In Windows 7 it is located in C:\Program Files\Bentley\Substation V8i\Substation\Promise.

3. Open this file. It should open with the Microsoft SQL Server Management Express software. The software should detect the SQL server running on your local machine. You might need to restart.

4. Connect to the server on you local machine in Microsoft SQL Server Management Express. The software should detect your server with a window like this:

Make a note of the server name. You will need it later.

5. Continue to open the SQL script in Microsoft SQL Server Management Express and  it.  It should run successfully.

6. Now open Bentley substation. Click the text link next to the Yellow Exclamation mark on the “Welcome to” screen.

7. Complete the details to match this screenshot:

Your server name should be obtained from step 4.

8. Press OK and re-open Bentley Substation. You should now have a successful database connection