How to replace a Citroen C2 headlight bulb

Rather than pay a mechanic I decided to figure out how to replace my own faulty headlight bulb.

  1. Step one is to pop the hood and locate the lamp assembly. Make sure the car and lights are turned off.
  2. You must now disconnect the headlamp assembly power cable. This is quite easy and requires that you pull the red tab upwards while pulling the whole plug backwards. See the photos if this is unclear.
  3. Now you must locate and remove the big rubber cover that protects the headlamp assembly. The cover just pulls off like a lid.
  4. Now for the tricky part. First locate the white electrical connector to the bulb and gently wiggle it free. The bulb is held in place with a wire clip. It helps to have a mirror handy to see what you are doing. Have a look at the photos if you are unsure. The two clips at the top must be pushed forwards and then to the sides (See the extra photo). Once the clips are loosened you can remove the bulb.
  5. Now you must attach the white electrical connector to the replacement bulb and reinsert it into the reflector housing. Note the orientation of the bulb and the connector.
  6. Now is a good time to test that the new bulb is working.
  7. Re-attach the wire clips by pushing them forwards and inwards.
  8. Put the rubber cover back on.
  9. Re-attach the black and red electrical connector.

How to buy US itunes vouchers

If there is some app or game that you desire for your iOS device but its is not yet available for in your local app store I recommend the following:

  1. Register for a US iTunes account – see the [Link].
  2. Load some credit onto your new account by visiting Maximus Cards.
  3. To buy vouchers from Maximus Cards its essential that your credit card has the online PIN security enabled. (Explanation for VISA and MasterCard).
  4. To enable this find your bank’s equivalent of this website [Link].
  5. Once you have paid Maximus Cards your voucher code will be instantly emailed to you.
  6. Redeem this code in your US iTunes account.
  7. You can now purchase without geographic restrictions.

I have found Maximus Cards to be the quickest and easiest way to purchase US iTunes vouchers. They only charge a small fee for the privilege. The most difficult part is ensuring that your credit card has the required additional security.