The Shift-Enter Trick

Here is something that most people don’t know. If you are typing text into a text input box like those commonly found on websites and chat programs there is a way to get a new line (carriage return) even if the normal enter button does not work. In certain circumstances pressing the enter button causes the text box to submit or send etc. the simple workaround to this problem is to press:

Shift + Enter

This will create a new line specific to the text box and will bypass any other behavior.

Rename files with a preview in Windows 7

I needed to rename a few dozen photos recently. Each photo needed to have a descriptive file name, reflecting its content. This was the easiest method I could find.

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the files that need to be renamed
  2. In the top right-hand corner of the window find the toolbar that looks like this
  3. Set the first-drop down to “Details
  4. Enable the preview pane with the icon
  5. Now go to the first file in the list and press F2 on the keyboard
  6. You can now change the file name based on the preview of the file
  7. To continue renaming the next file in the list just keep pressing the Tab key

Windows 7 makes this much easier with the Tab-to-next and suffix preservation features.