I have recently tried out the Shipito US mail forwarding service. I can recommend them to anyone wishing to order anything from the US that can’t (or won’t) be shipped to South Africa. Here is a summary of the costs of a recent purchase that I did:

  1. 25 June 2010. Initial items ordered. $9 UPS Ground Shipping from supplier to Shipito warehouse.
  2. 29 June 2010. Item arrives at the Shipito warehouse. $31.95 handling and re-sending fee.
  3. 30 June 2010. Item sent via Airmail from USA to ZA.  15-25 business days delivery time estimate.
  4. 29 July 2010. Item received. Customs and duties R40.86.


  • $31.96 Initial order value
  • $9 Shipping (US)
  • $2.64 Taxes (US)
  • $31.95 Mail forwarding fees (US to ZA)
  • R40.86 Taxes (ZA)

This was a rather expensive exercise. I would recommend that it only be used for more expensive items like electronics where the saving are significant or for items that can only be obtained in no other way.