Word 2007 Image Quality Problems & Fix

One of the numerous gripes that I have with Word 2007 is its brilliant feature to lower the quality of the images in my documents. Its difficult to detect until you print a document but it makes the end product unusable – and it forces me to re-insert all the images. It seems that Microsoft have finally acknowledged the problem. Their fix is difficult to follow. I have condensed their fix into a single registry key that just needs to be run. Download the fix here:  [Fix].

Hopefully this fixes the problem.

Install a Canon IP1000 printer in Ubuntu 10.04

I have sucessfully installed my first printer in Ubuntu using the following resources:

The following might be helpful:

  • The first step is to install a program called alien using sudo apt-get install alien
  • The libxml1 package is not needed
  • The links for the wget commands don’t work anymore. Get the files from the link I give above.

Now to get the printer shared…


To print from Windows XP: [Link]

Importing precious metals into South Africa

I contacted the South African Revenue service regarding the importation of precious metals. Here is a summary of their response.

  • You need an import permit from the ITAC (International Trade Administration Commission) in terms of the International Trade Administration Act. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) should also be able to provide assistance.
  • In terms of Note 4(A) to Chapter 71 of the Customs Tariff, precious metals are defined as gold, silver and platinum.
  • The rate of duty applicable to the importation of precious metals as described above is currently ‘Free’ and therefore only VAT at the standard rate of 14% is payable.

So in summary: It will always be impractical to import precious metals from overseas. You will be hard pressed to find any precious metals sold for the spot price, but even if you could the costs of shipping and handling together with the customs will mean that you will pay about 20% over spot price (if you find a good deal). Buyers here in South Africa only buy back at a few percentages below spot price. So your investment will instantly lose 20% (or more) of its value.